What is Reiki?

People ask this all the time and it's a question that I find very difficult to answer. There are various things I could say…that Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system, that it is a gentle, complementary therapy where hands are placed on or just above the body to remove energy blockages that restrict and limit us in our lives or that in Japanese the word Reiki means ‘Universal energy’ ….but the truth is I really don't know what Reiki is. I don’t think any person could sincerely claim to either.


One thing I know without a doubt, however, is that Reiki works. In the short term a Reiki treatment is a very relaxing and soothing experience but it is beyond the duration of the session where the real healing takes place. Reiki has its own intelligence and goes to where it is most needed; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The Reiki practitioner is merely a conduit, like an electric cable or water pipe, allowing the Reiki to flow. And once this energy has been channelled, a shift takes place for the recipient as their own innate ability to self-heal is awakened. All that is required is trust in the process.